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Grafana Labs is the company behind Grafana, the defacto standard for visualizing time series data. We also run an OpenSaaS platform that helps you get the most out of your Grafana, and get the most out of your open source monitoring stack.


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The leading open source time series data visualization and dashboarding tool. Loved by the community. Now ready for the enterprise.

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dynamic dashboards

Download and create new dashboards, panels, data sources and entire applications. Share, scale, support and protect your Grafana instances.

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intelligent alerting

Continually test, store and alert on the global performance and availability of your Internet applications. Pinpoint issues and fix them immediately.

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meetup New York, NY | 1.23.17

NYC Metrics and Monitoring

Building a Snap Telemetry Plugin Snap is an open telemetry framework by Intel designed to simplify the collection, processing and publishing of system data through a single API.

In an environment with huge amounts of data, Snap simplifies the gathering of measurements. It can dynamically load new collector plugins and new measurements without having to stop and restart. This means you can collect new metrics in real-time when you need them. Written in Go, it is highly performant and inherently scalable with its built-in clustering mechanism.

Staples are on the forefront of introducing Snap into their stack and joining us will be Jacob Lisi, a software developer on the Staples SRE Instrumentation team. Jacob will show us how to build a Snap plugin, live at the podium, without a net.

Anything can go wrong! Danger! Intrigue! Telemetry! Snapping turtles!

We'll give you the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge.


webinar 1.24.17 | 1pm EST

Build powerful dashboards with Grafana & InfluxDB

In this webinar, Gunnar Aasen from InfluxData and Carl Bergquist from Grafana will show you how to make the most of your InfluxDB data by building powerful dashboards using Grafana. They will also be sharing key tips, tricks, and insights.

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conference Brussels, Belgium | 2.04.17 - 2.05.17


Grafana - Past, Present and Future Why was Grafana born and what problem is it trying to solve? How do we try to solve these problems? We will look into some of the recent changes in Grafana that makes it easier to create, share and work with your dashboards. I'm also going to look into the future and talk about how we see the future of Grafana and talk a little bit about of software design philosophy.

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